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H2 Study – Development of a hydrogen ecosystem and supply chain along the Rhine-Alpine Corridor

Image: EGTC Rhine-Alpine

Image: EGTC Rhine-Alpine

The study “Development of a hydrogen ecosystem and supply chain along the Rhine-Alpine Corridor” aims at the collection and integrated analysis of national, regional and project specific plans and strategies for transport related H2 infrastructure, thus providing the identification of key elements and missing links towards a comprehensive system along the Rhine-Alpine corridor. This includes in addition to the data collection (latest update spring 2022) about existing and planned H2 projects collating the policy framework, initiatives and key players as well as funding opportunities. The results are documented in this study report and displayed graphically in an update of the corridor info system of the EGTC.

The study sums up that the most important issue for hydrogen usage in the transportation sector is the lack of filling stations. More stations are needed, particularly for trains and ships, if emission-free traffic is to be achieved on all nodes. The hydrogen production ramp up is on its way with a lot of projects in the planning, but still needs some time to develop. A connection of pipeline projects in industrial clusters is needed, initiatives like the European Hydrogen Backbone are trying to help with that.

There is still a lot of work to be done to build a functioning hydrogen economy and transportation infrastructure, but the start has been made. If the targets of the “Fit for 55” package are met, there would be a viable start-up network of hydrogen filling stations for road traffic, but for the further development beyond 2030 there would still be the need for more filling stations in the future. More and more hydrogen projects are coming every year, this trend is set to continue, if it is not thwarted by slow planning, funding and approval processes.

The full study is available here: https://www.egtc-rhine-alpine.eu/files/2023/04/2023_EGTC_H2STUDY_FINAL.pdf


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