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MultiRELOAD Kick-off in Vienna

Source: Picture by Erwin van der Linden

Source: Picture by Erwin van der Linden

This week, Thomas Ertel and Erwin van der Linden on behalf of Interregional Alliance for the Rhine-Alpine Corridor EGTC attended the MultiRELOAD consortium meeting, hosted by Hafen Wien GmbH.

The MultiRELOAD project aims to further strengthen the role of inland ports in Europe by developing innovative inland port solutions for efficient, effective and sustainable multimodality, see also www.multireload.eu.

General Assemblies such as this one are of utmost importance to align the members of the different work packages of the project. By meeting with the project partners and discussing the next steps in person, the Interregional Alliance for the Rhine-Alpine Corridor EGTC can prepare for the inclusion of multimodal innovations (of which seven demonstrations are foreseen in the near future) in policy platform dialogues. For this reason, EGTC-led workshops are foreseen later in the project. Stay tuned!

In between the plenary sessions and dedicated break-out working groups, consortium partners were able to enjoy an exclusive port tour highlighting some unique aspects of the tri-modal Port of Vienna.



Erwin van der Linden


Rhine Alpine Talk #15 Oct. 13th – Perspectives of the Merger

Rhine Alpine Talk #15 Perspectives of the Merger – Towards a new North-Sea-Rhine-Mediterranean Corridor

The 15th edition of the Rhine Alpine Talks on October 13th 11.00 – 12.30 h, tackles the topic of the upcoming Merger of the two TEN-T corridors and the resulting consequences and ramifications for the corridor stakeholders. The integration of the nine Core Network Corridors with the eleven Rail Freight Corridors in a common set of ‘European Transport Corridors’ constitutes a major element of the revised TEN-T proposal. The Rhine-Alpine Corridor is proposed to be merged with the North Sea-Mediterranean Corridor to form one major European transport corridor.
While striving for maximum stability of the existing TEN-T network, this merger brings certain challenges such as the identification of an extended core network, which has been fully integrated into the corridors.
The purpose of this event is to enable key stakeholders of the corridor to present their perspectives and expectations on the upcoming merger from their unique positions, be it from a regional, macroregional, transport, or logistics point-of-view.

This event is held in an online roundtable format with 4-5 participants and one moderator, wherein a discussion follows after opening statements of each participant (3-4 minutes each).

Programme Oct. 13th 
11.00 h Introduction of the Speakers
11.10 h Opening Statements of the Speakers
11:30 h Panel discussion
12:15 h Final statements
12.30 h End

The Panelists

  • Coordinator’s/Macroregional perspective

Professor Péter Balázs, Coordinator North Sea-Mediterranean Corridor

  • Rail Freight Corridor Perspective

Marc Adler, Rail Freight Corridor Rhine-Alpine EEIG

  • Inland Waterways Perspective

Karin De Schepper, Inland Navigation Europe

  • Passenger Transport Perspective 

Paul Leslie, Association Trans Europe TGV

  • Southern Perspective:

Paolo Balistreri, Confindustria Piemonte


Please register by clicking here, and receive your personal Zoom invitation. 

CEF Transport Calls for proposals – 7 bn € available

Source: Symbolic picture by Jai79 on Pixabay

Source: Symbolic picture by Jai79 on Pixabay

The CEF Transport calls for proposals for 2023 make EUR 7 billion accessible for projects aimed at building new and improving existing European transportation infrastructure.
Projects funded under these calls will contribute to the long-term viability of the trans-European transportation network, putting the EU on pace to reach the European Green Deal target of reducing transport emissions by 90% by 2050.
The calls promote the European Commission’s vision of a future sustainable transportation system that employs smart and resilient solutions to connect Europe.
The EU requires a multimodal transportation infrastructure that is efficient and integrated for both passengers and freight. This includes an affordable, reliable, and performing rail network, improved inland waterways navigation and infrastructure in maritime ports, balanced interconnection between modes of transportation, and increased automation and interoperability for greater transport network efficiency and safety.




Uniontrasporti calls for expressions of interest for a feasibility Study

Source: Symbolic picture by ShafinProtic on Pixabay

Source: Symbolic picture by ShafinProtic on Pixabay

The Limited Liability Consortium Company Uniontrasporti announces that it intends to acquire expressions of interest from qualified economic operators to request technical and economic offers for the provision of a “FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A NAVAL DISTRICT/CLUSTER IN THE MONFALCONE AREA”, pursuant to art. 50 c. 1 letter b) of Legislative Decree 36/2023.

Source(in Italian):

Call for Expressions of Interest 


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