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German BMDV set to kick-start fast-charging logistics infrastructure

Source: Symbolic picture by Geralt on Pixabay

Source: Symbolic picture by Geralt on Pixabay

The federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) has announced its funding program to support companies in setting up fast-charging infrastructure. Truck charging stations are also eligible for funding on a larger scale for the first time.

The program is capped at 400 million € total, with a 5 million € maximum amount of funding per application irrespective of the number of charging points applied for. Funding quotas range from a minimum of 20 % to a maximum of 40 %, depending on the size of the company. The funding is also tied to the capacity of the charging point, with lower capacity charging ports receiving less funding than large ones.

For a more detailed overview of the program, please see the link below.

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City of Savona receives funding for industry revitalisation

Source: Symbolic picture by Simonesasso on Pixabay

Source: Symbolic picture by Simonesasso on Pixabay

On September 14th an agreement for funding of 21 town authorities was signed by Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority, the Ministry for Industry, the Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport, Liguria Region, Province of Savona, Invitalia and ANPAL (Italian Employment Agency).

A total of 50 million € in funding are to be allocated across different areas such as regional development, manufacturing, research, and start-ups.



Paramount Bottleneck Middle Rhine – Commission concludes more personnel required

Source: Symbolic picture by Music4Life on Pixabay

Source: Symbolic picture by Music4Life on Pixabay

The commission was founded at the end of 2022 to identify measures for accelerating the expansion of the middle rhine fairway. It is composed of representatives of the federal government, federal states, environmental, industry and shipping associations.

The 50km long section of the Middle Rhine poses an outstanding importance for inland waterway transport, according to a study (in Dutch) by UPT Erasmus. In 2018 the financial damage of droughts in the region for Germany alone was estimated at ~ 2.4 bn €.

Measures recommended to speed up the works were giving more authority to specialist personnel, recruitment of suitable specialists, reliable funding, and external support.

Sources (in German, Dutch):




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