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Rail maintenance and reconstruction – the case of Rotterdam

Symbolic photo: Michael Gaida

Symbolic photo: Michael Gaida

It sounds so simple: a company is temporarily unavailable due to work in the area. However, says project manager Ben van Hooijdonk of ProRail: “If that company is located in the Port of Rotterdam, it will work seven days a week and 24 hours a day. That is why we consult with companies to find out when which closure affects them least and adjust our schedule where possible.”

ProRail explains typical considerations behind scheduling of maintenance in a feature article about track work in the port of Rotterdam (external link).

Port of Antwerp stimulates circular economy

Ports, as logistics and industrial hubs, can play a major role in the transition to a circular economy. To encourage the closing of material cycles in and around the port of Antwerp, Port of Antwerp is therefore launching a call for projects in the context of industrial symbiosis today, together with the Flemish Waste Agency (OVAM), the experts of the Flemish Symbiosis Team, VITO and essenscia, the federation of chemistry and life sciences. Through the participation process with the above-mentioned partners, for which an amount of 100,000 euros will be made available, the two winning projects will have the opportunity to be rolled out further. Read the news here (external link).

Possible routes presented for additional rail route Mannheim – Karlsruhe

New track for new trains. Photo: Deutsche Bahn

New track for new trains. Photo: Deutsche Bahn

In a recent online forum, Deutsche Bahn has presented a set of potential alternative routes for the proposed additional rail link between Mannheim and Karlsruhe. In the coming months, a few core alternatives will be selected, considering sensitive areas and existing settlements.

The route between Mannheim and Karlsruhe is a core part of the Rhine-Alpine corridor. Read the news and find the in-depth presentation of alternatives and methodology from the “4. Dialogforum” here (external links).


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