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Hydrogen battery innovation in South Holland

Source: Symbolic picture by Akitada31 on Pixabay

Source: Symbolic picture by Akitada31 on Pixabay

The Just Transition Fund (JTF) Rijnmond working with South Holland has issued a € 2 million grant to Battolyser Systems, to facilitate production increase.

Battolyser Systems is developing a battery that can generate hydrogen when charged with electricity. Once more power is available than the battery can store, this excess energy is used to extricate hydrogen via an integrated electrolyser. The hydrogen produced can then be utilized in applications such as transportation and industrial production.

Battolyser hydrogen production costs are even lower than those of competing technologies. This is possible because of the efficiency of the electrolyser used and the flexibility of the battery. When there is demand, a Battolyser can also transmit power back into the grid.

The innovation of Battolyser Systems thus provides a solution to two significant obstacles in the transition to a sustainable port, namely, the cost-effectiveness of green hydrogen and grid congestion. Due to the anticipated impact of the technology, the Just Transition Fund (JTF) program has identified the initiative as one of strategic importance. The total investment exceeds eight million euros.

Regional minister of the Province of South-Holland Jeannette Baljeu: “Innovation in the port is incredibly important. I am therefore very pleased with projects like this one. Hydrogen is a challenge and at the same time offers great opportunities in the transition we face together. With companies like Battolyser, Rotterdam will become the center of hydrogen in Europe.”

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Study on the potentials of semi-trailers in combined transport

Source: Symbolic picture by PaliGraficas on Pixabay

Source: Symbolic picture by PaliGraficas on Pixabay

Shifting freight traffic from roads to rails and waterways in a combined transport(CT) approach is a viable long-term strategy for reducing pollution in the transportation sector. In the pursuit of this, the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport has released a study titled “Study to Assess the Environmental and Transport Policy Consequences of a Europe-wide Mandatory CT Capability of Standard Semi-Trailers in Germany”.

One key takeaway was that a broader knowledge base is required, as the current level of information on semitrailer CT capability was deemed insufficient across all sectors.

The full study is linked below.

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Position Paper on the use of Railway Infrastructure Capacity released by ERFA

Source: Symbolic picture by Shafin_Protic on Pixabay

Source: Symbolic picture by Shafin_Protic on Pixabay

According to the European Rail Freight Association (ERFA) the regulation of the use of Railway Infrastructure in the Single European Railway Area requires improvements if it is to bring meaningful benefits for rail freight in a timely manner.

With that in mind, ERFA released a position paper highlighting key points that it perceives as requiring amendments.

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Annual RH2INE Conference on September 22nd

The RH2INE Team is inviting to the annual RH2INE conference, with the focus on creating the circumstances needed to advance the use of hydrogen in inland waterway transportation, as well as recognizing achievements and exchanging information and inspiration. The conference will be held at the premises of the Province of Zuid-Holland (Zuid-Hollandplein 1, The Hague), which is located in close proximity to The Hague Central train station, the plenary meeting starting at 12.30h with the networking lunch, will end with some networking drinks & bites until 18.30h.

Below, an outline of the program:

  • Morning workshops in different break-out sessions
  • The conference will include a networking lunch and an afternoon plenary session that will cover updates on RH2INE statements, policy and project presentations and a welcome for a new partner BASF.
  • The conference will feature keynote speeches by Ms. Jeannette Baljeu, regional minister of the province of Zuid-Holland, and Ms. Mona Neubaur, Deputy Premier and Minister for Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy of the State of North Rhine Westphalia (tbc).

Those that wish to participate, can register on the Event Website.


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