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CargoBeamer extends rail network for non-craneable trailers from Domodossola

©CargoBeamer, semi-trailer train crossing the Alps

©CargoBeamer, semi-trailer train crossing the Alps

Rail transport of non-craneable semi-trailers makes progress along the Rhine-Alpine corridor. Besides its established relation between Kaldenkirchen at the German/Dutch border and Domodossola at the Italian/Swiss border, the supplier of logistical services CargoBeamer now adds another link, connecting the Italian Domodossola terminal with Calais at the French coast.

From 4 October, four weekly return trips between Calais and Domodossola will be operative. From December, the trip frequency will increase to six per week in both directions. Thus, every day at least one train will be operative on the line, running across the Alps on the southern part of the Rhine-Alpine corridor.

Most semi-trailers are non-craneable and therefore cannot run on conventional intermodal trains. CargoBeamer has developed special wagons for specific terminals that allow for loading of semi-trailers without craning. The Calais – Domodossola line is already the fourth in the expanding CargoBeamer network. Find the news here (external link).

Consultation on EU contingency plan for transport

A new contingency plan will draw lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and provide guidance for European freight and passenger transport in such an event. It will take into account the EU response, such as Green Lanes, the Passenger Locator Form, the network of transport contact points and guidance and guidelines for transport operators and passengers. The aim is to improve coordination of the policy response, better prepare the EU transport sector for such events and keep the single market intact.

The European Commission would like to hear your view until 28 September. Give your feedback here (external link).

Commission launches the “Connecting Europe Express” train and initiative

Photo: Connecting Europe Express

Photo: Connecting Europe Express

The European Commission launched the Connecting Europe Express initiative, aimed at connecting 26 countries in 35 days by train. During the ceremony, which took place in Portugal, Commissioner Vălean said that the Commission would like this initiative to be “an experimental device” to assess the railway travel conditions in Europe. The Commissioner added that “in our sustainable mobility strategy we include doubling high-speed rail traffic by 2030 and tripling it by 2050. For this to happen, the trans-European transport network will have to be completed.” The Commissioner also stressed that building or improving rail infrastructure “takes time” and therefore it must be better managed, explaining that “this is where digitalisation comes in”.

The train presently runs across Europe, stopping in many places also along the Rhine-Alpine corridor. Find the arrival date for your city here (external link).

Next Rhine-Alpine Talks on 17 September

The 10th Rhine-Alpine Talks take up the issue of governance models for functional areas such as European transport corridors. EGTC’s and other cooperation forms will be presented. They will be held on 17 September, 11:00 – 12:30. Find details and registration link here.

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