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EGTC staff extension: Erwin van der Linden

Picture: Erwin van der Linden, Project Officer

Picture: Erwin van der Linden, Project Officer

Erwin van der Linden has recently joined the EGTC team. As of September, his main responsibility will be the MultiRELOAD Horizon funded innovation project for the next two years. “I am delighted to be joining the EGTC office in this new role,” says Van der Linden. “I have been involved in the Horizon family of projects for a number of years now, particularly in the inland waterways community with projects such as the semi-autonomous inland navigation vessel project NOVIMAR, the waterborne transport optimisation project NOVIMOVE and dissemination activities related to policy related projects such as PLATINA3. It feels only natural to build on these existing networks and extend the scope of my work from inland waterways to multimodality. And did I mention my involvement in the RH2INE project already, which focuses on the cross-border implementation of hydrogen through standardisation along the Rhine corridor? All in all, there are quite some synergies to be made.”

The EGTC’s main task within MultiRELOAD will be to translate a set of innovations, focused on removing bottlenecks to further unlock the trimodal potential of inland ports, into policy framework discussions. “MultiRELOAD’s innovations on Smart multimodal logistics, Digital and Automated Multimodal Nodes and Corridors and Innovative Business model have the potential to decrease operational costs, increase efficiency, facilitate modal shift and further shape the policy framework in which multimodality can flourish on the continent at the same time,” says Van der Linden confidently, only to add: “Frankly, I think multimodality holds the key to a much-needed greener and more efficient freight transport system in Europe. The EGTC team is in a unique position to champion this proposal and work on the right conditions to make it a reality. I look forward to contributing to this end”.

EGTC members will receive regular updates on MultRELOAD developments. In the meantime, you can contact Erwin van der Linden directly: erwin@aristoi.eu



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