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New Director Designated for Rhine-Alpine Corridor EGTC

Dr. Cecilia Braun

Dr. Cecilia Braun

The Interregional Alliance for the Rhine-Alpine Corridor EGTC has been looking for a dynamic person to continue the successful cooperation with fresh ideas and a strong vision for the future development of the Corridor.

Following Jörg Saalbach in the position of the Director, the EGTC Assembly appointed Dr. Cecilia Braun to take over as of 1 January 2022.

Holding a PhD in spatial planning, Ms. Braun provides professional experience both as an employee in the public sector and as a consultant, she is committed to steer the EGTC for the coming years.

Germany: Remaining funds directed at inland waterways

Shallow fairways can be a limiting factor along the Rhine ©Martin Brandt

Shallow fairways can be a limiting factor along the Rhine ©Martin Brandt

The German Federal Ministry of Transport releases an additional 200 million Euros for inland waterways. The money had originally been adjusted to road infrastructure funds but was not spent. It is now intended for additional measures all along the German waterway network. For the Rhine-Alpine corridor, this means funding for a deeper fairway at the Lower Rhine. Read the whole announcement here (external link).

Karlsruhe: Rhine temporarily blocked to resume minimum fairway

Dredging an emergency fairway ©WSA ORh

Dredging an emergency fairway ©WSA ORh

In the past days, two ships ran aground upstream of Karlsruhe. It appeared that gravel had filled the fairway, so that it no longer guaranteed the minimum depth of 2.10 meters. In a quick reaction, the Rhine at that point was closed to all traffic for several days, during which five excavators worked to generate a new fairway.

Meanwhile, the fairway has been provisionally reopened. Ships can now pass in single file. Two excavators remain in place to widen the fairway. Read the whole news here (external link).


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