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Corridor renovations: Deutsche Bahn plans full closures by 2030

Source: Photo by Michael Gaida on Pixabay

Source: Photo by Michael Gaida on Pixabay

The German railway network is outdated. DB has now presented a concept and a timetable: Dozens of busy sections of the route are to be completely renovated by 2030. For this purpose, the corridors will be completely closed for around five months and completely modernized. The idea: Instead of just repairing the bare essentials with small construction sites during ongoing operations, everything is done in one go. But then there should be peace for years and the train traffic should flow more reliably. According to the concept, there are more than 40 sections with a total length of around 4,200 kilometers. Among the first routes announced, two are in the Rhine-Alpine Corridor:

  • From mid-2024, the Riedbahn between Frankfurt and Mannheim will be completely renovated;
  • The Emmerich-Oberhausen route, which is particularly important for freight traffic, follows the following year.

Source (in German): https://www.zdf.de/nachrichten/wirtschaft/bahn-generalsanierung-2030-100.html

Belgian-German energy summit at Port of Antwerp-Bruges

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz & Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (c) Port of Antwerp-Bruges

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz & Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (c) Port of Antwerp-Bruges

The Belgian-German energy summit took place on 14 February 2023 in Zeebrugge. This is part of the collaboration between Belgium and Germany to enhance their energy independence. To this end, the two countries signed an agreement to intensify their collaboration, including through an Energy Contact Group. Port of Antwerp-Bruges’ strategy and projects around hydrogen, circularity and CO2 capture, among others, make the port an essential player in both countries’ ambitions to become climate neutral. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo received German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Zeebrugge today for the Belgian-German energy summit. Minister for Energy Tinne Van der Straeten and Patrick Graichen, German Secretary of State for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, also attended the talks at Port of Antwerp-Bruges’ ABC building. The two countries signed an agreement to accelerate energy collaboration on electrification, LNG, hydrogen and carbon capture to enhance their energy independence. Along with German industry, chemistry and governments, Port of Antwerp-Bruges has been working for some time to expand the capacity and infrastructure between the two countries. For example, the port is already a major supplier of LNG and natural gas for Germany, and concrete plans are ready for transporting hydrogen and hydrogen carriers to Germany via various transport modes such as pipelines, rail and inland navigation. In the other direction, captured CO₂ from German industry can be transported via the port to be stored in empty gas fields in the North Sea. See full article: https://newsroom.portofantwerpbruges.com/belgian-german-energy-summit-at-port-of-antwerp-bruges#

Multimodal Passenger Mobility Forum – final report

Source: Ertico

Source: Ertico

The Multimodal Passenger Mobility Forum (MPMF) was set up to assist the European Commission in the preparation of policy initiatives in the field of sustainable multimodal mobility for passengers. The MPMF served as a platform for structured dialogue, exchange of technical knowledge, cooperation and coordination between Union Member States and relevant public and private stakeholders. In total, there has been five expert group meetings held under the MPMF, on top of the separate meetings held by the different subgroups. The outcome of those meetings has been summarised in a report, addressing the work plan which was initially agreed on by the expert group. See full report here: https://transport.ec.europa.eu/document/download/7e8b0323-3491-4110-a471-e64207b9a271_en?filename=mpmf-report-2023.pdf

Source: https://transport.ec.europa.eu/news/multimodal-passenger-mobility-forum-final-report-2023-02-02_en


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