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CCNR Releases reflection “Act Now” addressing low water levels

Picture of the CCNR Building by Erwin van der Linden

Picture of the CCNR Building by Erwin van der Linden

The third edition of the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine (CCNR) reflection paper “Act now” addresses low water levels and how they affect Rhine navigation.
A follow-up expert session on “Low water and the consequences for Rhine navigation” was organised by the CCNR on January 18, 2023. The third version of the reflection paper “Act now!” is now being published in Dutch, English, German, and French by the CCNR.
It considers the outcomes of the expert follow-up session in 2023 as well as the low water workshop in 2019. The primary changes include an examination of the low water event in 2022 and fresh advancements in digital technologies, shipper and logistics operations, infrastructure, and vessel adaption.
The necessity for intense cross-border cooperation amongst Member States and more discussion amongst the major players regarding potential adaptations to low water conditions was reaffirmed in 2023. In fact, no single player can solve every issue, just as there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. For this reason, it is deemed critical to support both public and private projects and to spark group efforts. Over the upcoming years, the CCNR intends to continue hosting these “Low water talks” on a regular basis.





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