The main objective of the EGTC is to facilitate and promote the territorial cooperation among its members and to jointly strengthen and coordinate the territorial and integrated development of the multimodal Rhine-Alpine Corridor from the regional and local perspective.

The objectives and tasks of the EGTC as agreed by the founding members are:

  • Combining and focusing the joint interests of its members towards national, European and infrastructure institutions
    Organisation and implementation of joint lobbying activities for the development of the Rhine-Alpine Corridor from a bottom up perspective
    Representation of the EGTC members in the EU Rhine-Alpine Corridor Forum
  • Evolution of the joint development strategy for the multimodal Rhine-Alpine Corridor
    Coordination of regional development in the Rhine-Alpine Corridor, taking into account local and regional perspectives
    Consideration of transport infrastructure projects and land use conflicts along the Rhine-Alpine Corridor
  • Directing funds to corridor related activities and projects
    Information to EGTC-members about funding opportunities for corridor related projects
    Application of EU-funded new projects (EGTC‘s are directly eligible for EU-funding) and joint management of EU-funds
  • Improving the visibility and promotion of the Corridor
    Organisation of corridor events (congresses, workshops, etc.)
    Elaboration and distribution of publications (newsletters, leaflets, brochures)
    Taking over and maintaining the Mobile Exhibition developed within the project CODE24
  • Providing a central platform for mutual information, exchange of experience and encounter
    Organisation of meetings of members
    Ensuring information transfer
    Taking charge of the Corridor Information System, developed within the project CODE24
    Maintaining the website www.code-24.eu developed within the project CODE24

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