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Urban Nodes: Analysis of cycling plans in European cities

Symbolic picture by DaveMeier on Pixabay

Symbolic picture by DaveMeier on Pixabay

The study “Pursuing cycling equity? A mixed-methods analysis of cycling plans in European cities” by Isabel Cunha, Cecilia Silvia, Benjamin Büttner and Tuuli Toivonen shines a spotlight on cycling plans in Helsinki, Lisbon and Munich by adopting a mixed-methods approach to investigate the equality consequences of cycling plans and infrastructure distribution.

Some key points:

The study conducted an inductive content analysis of each plan to determine the extent to which equity issues are addressed and prioritised in planning practise.
By correlating these findings with past research on cycling behaviour in various environments, it was emphasises that simply establishing a bicycle network is insufficient to drive strong cycling uptake.

As a result, initiatives for promoting urban compactness, multimodality, land-use diversity, housing affordability, and proximity to everyday amenities should be prioritised in planning and policy consideration.

Furthermore, by identifying the primary planning aims, tactics, and expected outcomes, this research aimed to develop a bridge between cities with varied cycling cultures in order to promote policy exchanges, support measure transferability, and build bicycle planning capacities.





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