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Poseidon Project – Synthetic Methanol to decarbonise european shipping

Symbolic picture by Geralt on Pixabay

Symbolic picture by Geralt on Pixabay

POSEIDON, a Horizon Europe project that began on September 1, 2023, focuses on the development and use of synthetic methanol (e-methanol) as a fuel in ships. In accordance with the REPowerEU strategy, POSEIDON will contribute to reducing reliance on fossil fuel imports, hence reducing the EU’s exposure to economic and political pressures. The project’s goal is to introduce synthetic methanol as a fuel in EU ports, as well as related essential technologies such as e-methanol production plants and marine engines.

The Steinbeis Europa Zentrum assisted the coordinator, the European Institute for Energy Research (EIFER) from Karlsruhe, throughout the application procedure and is now a project partner. POSEIDON is a 48-month project supported by the EU with around 9.7 million euros.

To estimate the economic worth of different scenarios and identify potential impediments and optimisation potential, detailed technical, economic, environmental, and social assessments will be carried out. Local roadmaps and a replication tool for feasibility testing the future use of e-methanol in EU ports will be developed to promote market acceptance and prepare the way for future usage of e-methanol in the EU, so that external EU stakeholders can benefit from POSEIDON outcomes.

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