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Night train Amsterdam – Zürich started

Photo (NS): Reception of first train in Amsterdam

Photo (NS): Reception of first train in Amsterdam

The first night train from Zürich was received at Amsterdam this weekend. It travels within the Rhine-Alpine corridor, offering a total of 876 seats and berths between the Netherlands and Switzerland. Since the train crosses Germany, Corona regulations not only of the Netherlands and Switzerland, but of all three nations apply. Fares start at 39 Euros for seats and 50 Euros for a berth. Read the news here (external link).

Netherlands: Rail access agreement signed

The new timetable came into effect on Sunday 12 December. Prior to this, passenger transport operators, freight transport companies and transport contractors who wish to use the main railway network in the Netherlands have signed an access agreement with national infrastructure operator ProRail.

The access agreement describes which capacity each carrier has received, what it pays for it, what conditions apply to the use of the track and what performance scheme has been agreed. The services and service facilities purchased by the carrier from ProRail are also included. This includes, for example, energy supply, passenger stations, stabling facilities and ICT and information services. Find the details here (external link).

Higher throughput at Port of Switzerland

©Patrik Walde: Port of Switzerland

©Patrik Walde: Port of Switzerland

The ports of Switzerland in Basel have experienced a significant upswing in traffic during the 3rd quarter of 2021. Traffic increased by 7.5 % against the previous year. This was possible despite the low water restrictions in July. Container traffic grew even more, including handling of empty containers, of which there is a huge demand.

The figures for the fourth quarter, however, will show the influence of another low water period and the temporary closure of Rhine shipping near Karlsruhe. Read the news here (external link).


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