in the Rhine-Alpine Corridor


  • Dissemination of the results of EGTC projects and activities on the subject of multimodal transport for SMEs
  • Creation of an exchange forum for SMEs with the regional transport industry
  • Informing SMEs about modal shift potential and technical solutions / innovations as well as related opportunities and risks and developing business models
  • Identification of key players and infrastructural facilities with key functions
  • Initiation of regional, national and transnational cooperation of potential multimodal partners including SMEs
  • Feedback from businesses, especially from SMEs, on existing barriers and necessary incentives; how can the EGTC further support, what possibilities / expectations / demands exist with regard to support from the EU within the framework of the Green Deal


The focal point of the project are workshops in the northern (Mannheim) and southern (Lahr / Freiburg) areas of the Upper Rhine with the participation of SMEs, including actors from France and Switzerland, but also open for other EGTC members. The two workshops are intended to reach actors and companies, predominantly SMEs from the transport industry and their clients, in order to give the shift from road to rail and IWW a measurable boost. This can be achieved by the regional transport planners and transport managers working together with the regional economic development institutions coordinated by the EGTC.

This project is funded under the programme of the State of Baden-Württemberg (BW) for SMEs in BW „Kapitalisierung transnationaler Kooperation für KMU – Kapi.Tra.BW“

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