Rhine-Alpine Talks #7

05.03.2021 11 am - 12:30 pm

Overcoming Obstacles to Cross-Border Long-Distance Passenger Rail

108 participants from 13 countries joined the 7th Rhine-Alpine Talks titled “Overcoming Obstacles to Cross-Border Long-Distance Passenger Rail in 2021 – Time to Act in the Year of the Rail”.

Luc T’Joen, Senior Administrator at the European Court of Auditors held a keynote on “Seamless Functioning Cross-Border Railway Operations to Connect Cities and Regions: Good for Mobility AND for the Environment?” (download link).

Peter Endemann from the Regionalverband FrankfurtRheinMain presented Guidelines for a Seamless and Integrated Travel Chain along the Rhine-Alpine Corridor (download link), elaborated in a CEF funded project RAISE-IT.

A lively debate with international experts was moderated by Sebastian Belz, General Secretary of the European Platform of Transport Sciences. Prof. Andrea Giuricin (IT), Prof. Laurent Guihéry (FR), Dr. Mark van Hagen (NL), Dr. Marco Kampp (DE) and Maria-Theresia Röhsler (AT) debated on if we need more high-speed rail, less or a mix of high speed and conventional rail? How to accelerate the implementation of an integrated timetable? What other measures can be taken already now to make transport more rail-friendly and more user-friendly?

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