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Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta on 11-12 May 2023

Source: deltametropool.nl/

Source: deltametropool.nl/

Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta 2023 is a symposium to bring out fresh perspectives from the young generation and create dialogues between experts practice and academia. The two-day working conference on 11-12 May 2023 will see students working in groups to develop their strategic spatial plan for the megaregion. They will work together within their chosen themes under supervision from experts in the field, mentoring and guiding the process throughout. The process involves the students working through different scales starting at the local/city (project scale) to create an idea that can then be up-scaled to the regional/cross-border level (planning scale) and then finally studying its impact on the mega-regional scale (impact scale). Together, this will result in a strategic plan that can be implemented across multiple scales and timelines.

At the closing ceremony on 12 May, EGTC Rhine-Alpine director Dr. Cecilia Braun will reflect s part of a jury on the participants‘ pitches, mainly on their ideas and proposed solutions as well as define recommendations towards the developed visions for the Eurodelta.

For more information on the event, see https://deltametropool.nl/activiteit/knowledge-platform-symposium-2023/

Switzerland: Central information hub for customer information and timetable data replaces five previous platforms

Source: Screenshot https://www.öv-info.ch/de

Source: Screenshot https://www.öv-info.ch/de

The new website öv-info.ch bundles information about customer information and timetable data. The portal replaces five previous platforms. At the same time, the inclusion of citizens in the design of the timetable is simplified, harmonized and digitized. The new, cross-industry „Customer Information Commission“ will meanwhile develop a national industry standard to make customer information in Swiss public transport more addressee-oriented and consistent.

So far, there have been five different online platforms for timetable and customer information data. With the live switching of öv-info.ch, the Alliance SwissPass, the system task customer information (SKI) and the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) are taking the request for a central portal into account. The new website replaced the previous platforms on 26 April 2023 and bundles all aspects of customer information from annual timetables to the draft timetable to information for transport companies on a comprehensive information hub.

Source (in German): https://www.öv-info.ch/de/organisation/aktuelles/die-neue-ski-webseite-ist-da

Horizon Europe: EUR 420.1 million of funding available for research and innovation projects under Cluster 5

Source: cinea.ec.europa.eu

Source: cinea.ec.europa.eu

The European Commission has launched new calls for projects under Horizon Europe’s Work Programme for 2023-2024 Cluster 5 – which groups together topics on Climate Action, Energy and Mobility. A total of EUR 420.1 million in EU funding is available under these calls with deadlines of 05 September and 10 October 2023. Horizon Europe is the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation with a total budget of EUR 95.5 billion. The overarching driver for this cluster is to accelerate the twin green and digital transitions and associated transformation of our economy, industry and society with a view to contributing to the EU reaching its climate goals, and increasing energy resilience.

Source: https://cinea.ec.europa.eu/news-events/news/horizon-europe-eur-4201-million-funding-available-research-and-innovation-projects-under-cluster-5-2023-05-04_en


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