The central purpose of the CIS tool is to give strategic information about the Rhine-Alpine Corridor’s development. CIS was constructed as an interactive Web GIS-based instrument for information exchange. The information about the Corridor is, as in most complex planning processes, affected by incompleteness and uncertainty. The many endogenous and exogenous variables and dynamics that influence the planning and the results processed by the CODE24 partnership can be easily prepared and presented by CIS. Overviews of many planning-relevant themes are easily and quickly available for the interested parties. Information can be entered into the system, improved and corrected by the users.

The underlying information was compiled in workshops, focus group interviews and discussions among project partners. In 10 regional workshops with over 300 participants, the essential questions of the Corridor’s development were discussed, the most important information exchanged and regional developments assessed and organised. This procedure not only guaranteed up to date and first-hand knowledge about the Corridor, but also a common understanding of the main problems the corridor faces. So the Corridor Info System is an essential base of transnational cooperation in future actions.

Involving the participants is a way to improve and develop the CIS. It makes it possible to prepare and refine the information as well as anticipate the necessary agreement needed for the definition of the assignment, which is a prerequisite for establishing a collaborative development strategy for the Rhine-Alpine Corridor. Even with the web publication of these topics, the work of the CIS is not yet done. Thus, the EGTC Rhine-Alpine continues maintaining the CIS. Technical management is kindly provided by the LINKS Foundation – Leading Innovation and Knowledge for Society (

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